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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First post ' Hello'

Salsify - Tragopogon porrifolius

At last I have found time to write my first post or have I just kept putting it on hold.
Maybe it's because today had a really good start with especially in good voice gathering of the community choir I belong to and our rehearsal for only our second public appearance the Mistletoe Fest. We will probably be upstaged by the Druids but heyho we'll give them a good run as we're 35 strong and can almost lift the roof off the local Library function room when at full throttle.
OH, daughter & boyfriend cut the fresh Mistletoe in readiness large lush branches heavily berried pearl white & ripe. So fortunate to live in THE mistletoe area such an abundance not been easy to harvest especially as the ground is totally saturated and no sign of let up.
Sadly the Holly is practically denude of berries this year but the ivy is covered. Maybe use tangerines for the colour in the door wreath this year or maybe make some red berries from dough. Have a lot of flour needing to be used up as 2012 is the year I discovered that gluten was not good for me to eat. Been an interesting challenge honing the cake baking now with the alternatives.
Back to the wreath, nuts maybe good but alas no walnuts from our own tree just not a good year for them, had saved a small box full but the canny mice came one night into the studio & ate the lot!!
They have started on the seeds early too, planted sweet pea seeds in particular, followed but peeling salsify seeds like banana's leaving the husks behind in their wake this is because they to hate the wet weather so they have moved in early, I know block the holes etc., but mice can limbo dance through the smallest space, have so much else to do. All seed now covered with old bits of glass panels should have done it straight away but got distracted!! Been a lot of talk about the sonic squeakers recently, we have used these for years but beware in a packed glasshouse/shed it dumbs down the sound we aren't all fortunate to have vast glasshouse space, mind you large areas mean an awful lot of plug in's.
So I keep looking on the MET for the weather to change soon I hope, we could do with some Winter Wonderland.
I & OH have a garden to build.

Wild Wood Winter Wonderland 

Off to make soup from own produce all the more satisfying. Squash Special.

Late Afternoon Autumn Light on a 
Medley of Summer & Winter Squashes, Patty Pans with flowers, Tiny Turks Caps, Yellow & Green
Courgettes, Thelma's, Kuri & so many more but not the yield I'd hoped for.

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