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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring, Seed Sowing & Soup

What I'm waiting for planted 1,500 

Well isn't this challenging! Spring that is or rather the lack of it, April is not the time to have snow flurries it's the time for swathes of Daffodils, glorious stands of Tulips & burgeoning greenery of dormant perennials. Oh but it's slow! Is it an age thing or have we just been through what seems like the longest winter which seems to persist on hanging around.
I want to see blossom, I want to see flowers and I do so want to feel the warmth on my back while I tackle the borders.
One bonus at the moment is that I can get on the borders I'm not up to the cuffs on my boots in wet claggy mud. Looking up at the clouds (known for my cloud watching) those dense masses are carrying snow occasionally sprinkling a few flurries on to me as I work but I know that there are people who will fair far worse than me as they move along to higher destinations.
I have at least 80 packets of seed to plant if I want to have the garden I have planned in my head, experience tells me to be patient but time is running out the light is better but the temperature is extreme dipping to -5 each night.
But after 35+ years I should know better nature can still throw me a curved ball & I can if I'm not watching miss catching it all together.
So I get my packets of seed out & try to place them in order of preference to plant into plug trays, not an easy task how can I choose I want them all in now, sown, watered & warming up starting the process of growing.
Well if I can't sow I can go cook instead. While out walking the JRT's having picked the new fresh leaves of Wild Garlic Allium ursinum & purple with cold nettle tops, gathered the remains of Russian Kale leaves off the raised beds, a handful of 'out of the store' Pink Fir potatoes I have the ingredients to make a simple soup just need a few store cupboard staples to add a bit of flavour. While I'm at it maybe rustle up a savoury herb & nut tea bread to go with it.
Maybe tomorrow I can set those seeds.

Homemade Store Cupboard Goodies
Herb & Edible Flower Salt, Dried Pot Marigold Petals
& Lovage Pesto made with Almonds

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